The Movement

The Coalition for a Conflict-Free St Andrews is part of a larger conflict free movement with partners and sister organizations all over the world.










Congo Calling was launched off the back of Bandi Mbubi’s thought-provoking talk given at TEDxExeter on the 20th April 2012 – to a standing ovation. Congo Calling’s vision is for a peaceful and just Congo, where people can live in stable and prosperous communities, where children are not enlisted, where women are not raped as an instrument of war, and where miners work for fair wages in human conditions.


Global Witness: Rather than using their wealth wisely as a building block for development, countries rich in natural-resources  frequently end up blighted by inequality and bad governance. In spite of increasing international recognition of this phenomenon – often referred to as ‘the resource curse’ – governments, multilateral institutions and companies have all failed to do enough to tackle it and are often part of the problem.  Global Witness investigates and campaigns to prevent natural resource related conflict and corruption, and associated      environmental and human rights abuses.

Save the Congo is an independent, not-for-profit and non-political global campaigning organisation dedicated not only bringing the wars, sexual atrocities and human tragedy overwhelming the Congo to the attention of the public at large and promoting the restoration of peace, security, justice and human dignity in the Congo and the Great Lakes region but to highlight not just the unacceptable suffering of the Congolese people, but also to highlighting the country’s untapped potential, its creativity and culture.


The Scottish-Congolese Coalition is a coalition of political parties, local Congolese churches, associations and non-profit organisations based in Glasgow, Scotland that aims to raise the awareness of the general public, and particularly the Scottish people on this  crisis which has cost almost ten million lives since the second World War.




The Conflict-Free Campus Initiative was started in 2011 at Stanford University where student organisations pressured their board of trustees and administration to pass a resolution demanding transparency, responsibility, and due diligence when purchasing electronics from companies in nearby Silicon Valley. It became a symbolic gesture of demand from professors, students, and organisations for conflict-free products. Since then, more than 50 universities and colleges in America and 2 universities in Canada have passed resolutions demanding the end of conflict-minerals and the creation of conflict-free products.

Raise Hope for Congo, a campaign of the Enough Project, aims to build a permanent and diverse constituency of activists who will advocate for the human rights of all Congolese citizens and work towards ending the ongoing conflict in eastern Congo. Raise Hope for Congo and the Enough Project collaborate with national and local groups across the U.S., as well as local Congolese organizations, to build this grassroots movement.



Friends of the Congo aims to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the Congo and support Congolese institutions as they strive to bring about lasting change. Friends of the Congo is based in Washington DC, USA.


Panzi Hospital is located in Bukavu, the largest city in South Kivu province in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. It functions as a general hospital for the local population, but is mostly known for its support for survivors of sexual violence and women suffering from complex gynaecological conditions such as obstetric fistula.


Congo Movement for Change

Congolese Womens Group-Liberation