This Is Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been the site of a deadly war since 1996 which has left over 5.4 million people dead and even more displaced. Because of the high prevalence of sexual violence and the use of rape as a weapon of war, It has been called the “Rape Capital of the World” as well as the “World’s Worst Place to be a Woman”

“This is Congo” challenges preconceptions and aims to show a side of the DRC beyond that covered by international media. Congo is more than rape, corruption, and conflict.

The exhibition is the grand finale to Coalition for a Conflict-Free St Andrews’ Congo Week: Photographers living and working in the DRC respond to the theme “This is Congo/Voici le Congo”.

All funds raised  by the exhibition will be donated to Panzi Hospital, Bukavu. Panzi Hospital works with survivors of sexual violence and its founder, Dr Denis Mukwege, has been nominated for a nobel peace prize.

Alain Wandimoyi
Finbarr O’Reilly
Ljuba Lassala
Richard Wainwright
Justin Justkas Kasereka
Paul Hansen
Jean Chung
Fjona Hill

Photos of the opening by Qi Tian, Pinup.



Bandi Mbubi, founder of Congo Calling, joined us for the exhibition opening.