Who We Are

We are a group of student societies at the University of St Andrews that have come together to raise awareness of and advocate for the end of the elicit extraction and trade of conflict minerals. In June 2012, we were successful in our efforts to make the University of St Andrews the first institution of higher learning in the United Kingdom to incorporate a policy on conflict minerals into the procurement policy.


The Coalition for a Conflict Free St Andrews was originally founded with the goal to entice the University’s Committee on Sustainable Development to pass a resolution that would:

1) call for the university act with more transparency, responsibility, and due diligence when purchasing electronics
2) call for the university to make a public statement demanding electronics companies to provide ‘conflict-free’ products and publish the origins of the minerals used in their products
3) call for the university to sign itself into the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative, therefore aligning St Andrews with Emory University, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, University of Pennsylvania, and our other partner universities involved in the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative

In June 2012, the University of St Andrews agreed to include questions pertaining to conflict minerals in their electronics procurement policy and has allowed the Ethics and Environment Officer to monitor this decision.

On February 21st 2012, the Student Representative Council unanimously passed a resolution drafted by STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition and sponsored by the St Andrews Coalition for a Conflict-Free Campus, calling on the university to become part of the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative. In doing so, the St Andrews Student Association became the first British and European organisation of its kind to demand the end of the trade of conflict-minerals.


Director: Bennett Collins
Education Coordinator: Claire Birnie
Finance Coordinator: Desré Hancocks
Communications Coordinator: Anna Orban
Advocacy Coordinator: Callum Bryce
Outreach Coordinator: Joe Makangu
Societies Coordinator: Kate Schofield


The Coalition for a Conflict-Free St Andrews is composed of 15 student societies. Click on their logos to learn more!